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Rent & buy roof tent

Are you planning your own road trip with a roof tent and would like to inquire about renting or buying?
On this page we present you with options for renting the iKamper Skycamp and for buying various roof tents. 


Rent a roof tent: iKamper Skycamp

We also rented the roof tent for the first time for our first trip to Norway and can recommend it to everyone. If you are still unsure, renting a roof tent is a perfect opportunity to get to know the tent and how to use it better. In addition, you have a much better basis for deciding for or against a roof tent afterwards. After a few days of camping in the roof tent, this decision will be easier for you.


Below you will find two providers from Germany who rent out our beloved roof tent, the iKamper Skycamp, for a camping trip:  

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With dear Daniel from OUTDOOR RENTAL*
you have the possibility to rent the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 for your road trip. The rental is based in southern Germany, near Munich.

So if you are planning to travel to the Alpine region, for example, then you can make a short stop at OUTDOOR RENTAL to saddle the iKamper Skycamp on your car.  

Savings : With the code marioanna5  you get 5% on your roof tent rental at OUTDOOR RENTAL. (Coupon Code*)

The roof tent rental ROTHTRIP * from dear Janina is located in the western part of Germany, in  Berlin. Here you can rent the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 for your upcoming road trip.

For example, if you want to do a road trip through the Baltic countries and Poland, then ROTHTRIP is the right place to go for your trip.

savings:  With the code floatontheroad5  you get 5% off your roof tent rental at ROTHTRIP. (Coupon Code*)


Buy from dealer

Have you already had your first experiences with a roof tent or are you simply absolutely convinced that camping on the car roof is the right thing for you? Then nothing stands in the way of buying your own tent!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-14 um 16.15.57.png

CAMPWERK * is the contact point for roof tents, tent trailers and vehicle conversions. The main office is in Bochum, but there are now also a number of showrooms in Germany,  in Halle, Dörzbach or in Hamburg. Campwerk also has a showroom in the Netherlands near Groningen.  They offer a large selection of numerous camping equipment and make every camping heart beat faster. In addition to their own brand "CAMPWERK", they also offer other brands such as iKamper or FRONT RUNNER.  

Here you have the opportunity to get to know and purchase a large selection:

  • Adventure roof tent

  • iKamper Skycamp 

  • iKamper Mini

  • iKamper X cover

  • tent trailer

  • Camping accessories (chairs, tables, lamps, hammocks, ...)

We really enjoy working with Campwerk and can heartily recommend the company to you!

* Support us:
If you use our given codes or our links, you support us, but you don't pay a cent more and we receive a small commission for it. Great thank you! :)

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