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about us


Welcome, we are happy that you are here!

We are Anna and Mario , nature-loving and adventure-seeking people who have discovered traveling with a roof tent for themselves. ​


Anna also throws out her fishing rod when traveling and is happy to prepare the fresh catch for us with a view of the sea. She also loves her camera, is an avid photographer and enjoys nature on every hike.

Mario is the technology enthusiast among us. Not only does he have a high affinity for cameras, which led him to photography and videography, but also for cars. Road trips are a perfect way to combine these interests.  


In addition to our studies, Mario as an industrial engineer and Anna as a media scientist, we are incredibly happy to share our passion for travel and photography with you. So come along!



Translated, the name means "floating on the road", which describes us and our way of traveling like a glove.  

We always have a rough plan of where our journey should go, we  let us  still on site  always according to your mood  float. As a result, we have already discovered the most beautiful and breathtaking roads and paths that we would not otherwise have driven or walked. So for us, road trips are a fantastic way to "drift and float along the way." This feeling is indescribable and lets you feel true freedom. 

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